cross services

configuration implementation

The team manages its own internal systems and infrastructure to be able to provide all the services that are offered. This covers their implementation, management, customization, evaluation, update and other related tasks.

information dissemination

The team members actively develop security-related information and documentation, as well as promoting the increase of the overall security awareness.

security tool development

The team is actively developing tools for internal use in our services, as well as adapting existing solutions to better match our needs and those of our clients. Some of the developments that have been made by our team members includes (but not limited to):

product evaluation

Our team is continuously evaluating and testing applications and tools to evaluate their security level and, for security tools, their adequacy to be used within the CERT as well. This service is also linked to the security compliance and audit services provided by other services of NTTDATA-ES-CERT.

technology watch

The team actively monitors current developments in the field of cybersecurity, both including new technical developments and new threats. This is achieved by actively communicating with peers and contacts in other response areas as well as by following security mailing lists, security groups and new publications in journals and scientific research related to these technologies. The areas monitored include: